About Us

MIHM is a platform that is created by women, for women and women. we at MIHM are focused to develop the overall personality of a woman. MIHM has been doing pageants since the year 2015 .we have done almost 9 beauty pageants by now. MIHM is the only pageant that is fair in all aspects. we have 3 beauty pageants under MIHM which are called "Miss India women of the universe" and "Mrs. India Home Makers" and "MIHM Queen UNIVERSE ", these pageants are not just fashion shows they are a great learning experience for every woman. Our International director MS Naaz Joshi is an international titleholder she understands the beauty of a contestant like no one else. she has been a contestant herself so she exactly understands what a beauty pageant aspirant needs and expects.

The event is conceptualized by AIZYA NAAZ JOSHI, REIGNING MS, UNIVERSE DIVERSITY 2020 AND MISS WORLD DIVERSITY, 2017-2020 who has been India’s first Trans cover model, and a titleholder at India Book Of Records, Limca book of records and winner of MISS Queen Mauritius 2007, WINNER OF ELITE GLOBAL EARTH LIFETIME QUEEN, WINNER OF UNITED NATIONS AMBASSADOR TITLE, MS. REPUBLIC INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY AMBASSADOR, MS QUEEN OF THE GLOBE 2017, MISS WORLD DIVERSITY 2017-2020, and Wamba Diva 2014. Graduated from NIFT she has 27 YEARS OF long experience in the fashion and glamour industry. She is a fashion designer, choreographer, anchor, grooming expert, model, and fashion stylist. She drew inspiration from the event when she saw that many Indian women are rejected during the auditions of beauty pageants. She feels that every woman is beautiful, irrespective of her caste, creed, complexion, height, and weight. She gives chance to every woman who has dreams and vision in their eyes. This pageant aims to bring together Indian women and make them work for the welfare of society. The winners go International and become brand ambassadors for world peace, women empowerment, child welfare, and environmental conservation. TODAY she is a motivational speaker, she is a mother of a beautiful baby girl Sharanaya Joshi. She has raised funds for many NGOs including tweet foundation in 2017. Her project on Milaap has received immense support from the general public and she has used those funds for the betterment of the nation. She is a pet lover, during the 2020 lockdown she fed 200 dogs daily. She is an inspiration to all. Recently she became the face of Aanee advertising. Mr. Aashish Choudhary and Mrs. Neelima Thakur, she is branded Ambassador for Tritan Solutions Pvt Ltd. USA-based IT company. She is also a Goodwilll Ambassador for AGS grooming academy.


Miss and Mrs. Queen Universe is a fund raising project of MIHM, which purpose is to empower women of today to strengthen our society for tomorrow.
This pageant has been organized to be an inspiration to all the people especially INDIAN married women, not only to take care of their body, health and beauty but also to be a motivation in achieving their goals in life, to keep on chasing their dreams and make it into reality.

And to promote the advocacy which is “EMPOWER THE COMMUNITIES” whose organizer is Ms. NAAZ JOSHI , the MS WORLD DIVERSITY 2018 AND MRS INDIA HOME MAKERS 2015.
This is for the benefits of all the communities whether men women or the third gender.

Any Natural Born Girl/Woman above 3 year may Apply, Height and Weight must be Proportionate. Shall be well behaved with good moral Character.

Our shows are done under our event management company MISSES INDIA, head office in New Delhi.

We have best of models from the fashion industry

who involved in the fashion week around the world

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Selection Process


PLEASE MAIL OR WHATSAPP YOUR THREE PHOTOS to AND BIODATA TO [email protected] or WhatsApp QUEEN TP 9211411000, OR FILL THE ONLINE FORM AVAILAIBLE, please note the fee of 1000 rupees is must for the registration of your form and telephonic interview.




TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW followed by INTRODUCTION VIDEO less than 60 seconds , for the initial process , we would need your professional videos later.


Terms & Conditions

  • Contestant is eligible to compete in a state pageant in which she is either a resident, owns property, or is employed in said state. Contestant is eligible to compete in a state pageant if she works in said state.
  • Contestant must be a least 3 YEARS OF AGE
  • The participation fee is non refundable and non transferrable.
  • Contestant may hold a “National” title with any other Pageant System, Contestant must be a CITIZEN OF PARTICULAR COUNTRY and a six month minimum resident in the state of her entry, or attend college or own property in that state OR COUNTRY.
  • A Contestant could be selected to participate as a delegate “at-large” if there is no competition for her area, state, region or country.
  • Contestant must never have, or will not during her reign, pose for any photography, video, or film associated with nudity or pornography. Nor has she ever, or is presently involved with prostitution or any form of employment which involves partial or complete nudity.
  • Contestant must not have been convicted of a felony crime.
  • Contestant will be subject to a registration fee and or a sponsor fee.
  • Each state and country fee may vary.
  • Contestant, if selected, must agree to attend the National or International Competition as the State or Country Representative and abide by all rules and regulations required by same or forfeit title.If Contestant relinquishes, for any reason, any title given her, all prizes must be returned in full, and in condition received.
  • Incorrect information shall be considered for disqualification at any stage.
  • MIHM is allowed to share the information regarding any contestant to any persons at any given point of time.
  • In the event of any dispute the organisers decision is final and abinding on the contestant.
  • Deadline to the pageant is determined by the number of entries.
  • The decision of judges shall be final.
  • The organisers are not responsible for any loss and physical damage to contestant.
  • The contestant shall take care of her own belongings.
  • Applicant understands and agrees that any misconduct,shall result in disqualification at any given point of the contest. Whether written or verbal, contestant must not misbehave with co-contestants or organiser or any of team members of MIHM
  • The winners of MIHM can not participate in any other beauty pageant for next one year of their reigning period.
  • Appearance approval:-winners shall approve of their any public appearance by mrs india home makers, failing which the crown and sash needs to be returned to the national office of mrs india home makers, in the original condition that they were given in.
  • The finalists shall perform in disciplined and diligent manner.
  • Contestant is NOT allowed to bring her friends and family to the grooming sessions, practice sessions, green rooms and to places which are only restricted to contestants.
  • The finale date can be postponed WITH NO REFUND IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES .
  • During the reigning period title holders agree to the loyalty with MIHM,she will devote her time and priority and must not promote other titles and pageants verbally or written on social media and other places.
  • Contestants understands that if selected as winner, her professional commitments will be decided by MIHM and all her work needs to be channelised through MIHM